Who We Are?

HBS Hospitality is an award winning hotel management and development company. With a track record spanning three decades, the firm has provided the ultimate lodging experience for our guests.

At HBS, we understand that people matter. From providing unparalleled customer service to our guests, to ensuring that our operators and developers achieve and exceed their business objectives, HBS has set the standard of quality in the hotel industry for 30 years.

What We Do?

Development HBS Hospitality brings over 30 years of proven experience in creating profitable development opportunities through new construction and redevelopment projects. Our team understands how to identify sound investments and conduct market analysis. We quickly adapt to challenges and solve problems while our principals work alongside all stakeholders. As a result, HBS Hospitality has a true stake in the success of each asset.

Construction Our expert in-house technical staff and strong partnerships with contractors have helped us get hotel construction down to a science. Excellent teamwork and expertise in real estate, construction, design, procurement, and management set us apart. We develop new assets on-time, on-budget and on-target with financial projections and guest satisfaction ratings.

Redevelopment HBS Hospitality finds the right aging assets to rebrand and renovate. Meticulous planning, design, and execution help us reflect the chosen brand’s image in the final product. Franchisors, lenders, and local communities frequently recognize our redevelopment achievements.

Investment Sound investment decisions result in consistent profitability. Our team works to identify excellent investment opportunities, manage complex development projects, and maintain high standards. HBS’s proven track record of financial success through market cycles sets us apart from other hospitality firms. We also have maintained strong relationships with investors and partners, some for up to 30 years. Last, we strive to reward all stakeholders, including guests, owners and associates. All partners can be assured of profitability through HBS Hospitality.

Management At HBS Hospitality, we bridge communication and consistency to create an effective management team. Our dedicated corporate leaders and enthusiastic general managers know each other by name. Our open communication policy enhances employee satisfaction and ensures proactive customer service. We also have created efficient operational systems and procedures across all our properties. Every property operates within the same framework, making it possible for any manager to effectively step into any of our properties at a moment’s notice. In our operations, we approach daily financial performance with the same consistency and attention as strategic planning and long-term performance.While bringing all functions in-house, we’ve realized a greater cohesion among team members. Our various departments include Operations, Sales, Revenue Management, eCommerce, IT, Accounting, Development, Acquisitions, Purchasing, and Human Resources.

Careers For over three decades, HBS Hospitality has evolved strengths in development, investment, and management of hotel properties. Whether it’s identifying strong investment opportunities in economic downturns, breaking records for building construction, or maintaining relationships with key lenders and franchises for 30+ years, our company chooses to stay rooted in Kentucky hospitality values. Our work is only possible because of our talented, passionate, and dedicated associates. Join our hotel management team today and become part of the family!

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